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Dialogues With The Living Earth

by James and Roberta Swan , Ed.

Quest, 1996
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Dialogues With The Living Earth
This anthology is the second to emerge from the five-year Spirit of Place symposium series conducted by James and Roberta in the US and Japan between 1988 and 1993. The first volume, The Power of Place (Quest, 1991) is a cross-cultural exploration of the significance of place in human life. This book explores right relationship with place, especially in terms of architecture, design and land planning, showcasing the works of a number of innovative designers. It goes beyond theory to show we can and must harmonize our minds with nature and create as a celebration of the personality of place. It has inspired new housing design projects in arid areas of Asia and several major landscape projects.
"Jim and Roberta Swan have put together a critical book for the well-being of this planet. No single chapter, but the totality, reveals a plan for Heaven on Earth. But, as warned, Hell on Earth is a possibility. Humans must wake up to their stewardship of the planet. Read this book!
Dr. Elmer Green, Emeritus, The Menninger Foundation
" Once again, Jim and Roberta Swan are showing us how important it is to respect and live within the boundaries of our planet. This selection of essays goes a long way toward giving readers the necessary proofs for understanding, appreciating, and conducting their lives to sustain the bountiful, yet fragile system in which we live."
Dr. Allen Bassing, The Smithsonian Institution
"This is a well-written collection of essays about how and why people feel differently in different places. I find this book fascinating..."
Dr. Norman Sundberg, Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon; former director of Clinical Psychology Training
"Dialogues With The Living Earth, presenting a variety of compelling approaches to the subject, sharpens our awareness of the fact that the Earth's and our Destiny are inextricably connected. I highly recommend this book."
Laura Huxley, humanist and author
"Dialogues With the Living Earth provides much insight for the tour planner on the development of successful adventure tours. It shows how and why people can escape and be inspired through contact with the living earth."
Dr. Richard Wade, Vice President, Princess Cruise Lines
"If you have ever visited a certain place -- whether a city, town, or simply a setting with which you have felt a strong and immediate affinity, you will find this book (and its predecessor The Power of Place) one you will want to read." Michigan Alumnus
"This is an important work, helping us recognize and reconnect to the source of our life. A SUMMER 1997 RECOMMENDED READING BOOK" Yoga Journal